Aside from sporadic reports of attacks against Sufi shrines and the high-profile clashes at Tripoli International Airport in June 2012, in the aftermath of Gaddafi’s death in October 2011, Western media interest in Libya remained dormant as events in Syria and Egypt filled the quota for coverage of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. All of that changed on 11 September 2012, when a group of armed militants, initially believed to have been angered by the recent publication of an American-made anti-Islamic film, attacked the US Consulate in Benghazi, in a horrific event which left popular US Ambassador Chris Stevens, as well as three other American officials, dead. In the aftermath of the attack, a media frenzy ensued, and whilst the circumstances surrounding the assault remain, even today, rather murky, some international investors have expressed understandable alarm, whilst other companies have considered withdrawing from the Maghreb nation altogether. However, as outlined below, it is important to note that these events did not take place in a vacuum.

Click here to see The Inkerman Group’s full assessment.


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